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The musical solution for your event


Make your event alive through the power of music

The influence of live music on an event is not to be underestimated. It gives an extra dimension to the experience of the guests. They become more involved in the event and will continue to remember the pleasant atmosphere and beautiful music.


We supply musical ensembles for lectures, weddings, receptions, funerals ... The music can serve as a background, but also real performances are possible.

Our style is mainly classical music. Our musicians play well-known repertoire starting from baroque (Vivaldi, Bach), classicism (Mozart, Haydn), romanticism (Beethoven, Brahms) up to and including modern classical music such as film music (Morricone, Williams), musical (Webber) and minimal music (Glass ).

We also have a unique concept '' Strings in the House '' which creates an ultimate synergy between strings, electronics and DJ. A musical and danceable mix of house, techno and modern classical.


It is also possible to hire us as an accompaniment ensemble for choirs, bands and soloists. This is possible for concerts, recordings and studio work.


We only work with highly skilled professional musicians to meet the highest standards.



Hire a music group for all kinds of occasions

Events such as: lectures, meetings, receptions, dinners, weddings, funerals and celebrations.

Occupation starts with one musician to a small orchestra.

Frequently requested occupations:

solo instrument: piano, violin, accordion (150 € - 300 €)

an instrument accompanied by piano (300 € - 600 €)

string quartet (600 € - 1200 €)

quintet: wood or brass (750 € - 1500 €)

The ensembles play well-known classical pieces, known to the general public.

It is possible to bring a repertoire of your choice.

Piano can be provided by our company.

Concert Hall 3


Ultimate synergy between strings, electronics and DJ

Original dance music for corporate parties and private individuals.

Classical string instruments enter into dialogue with analog synthesizers and DJ. The best of both worlds is expressed: typical themes of classical music bring the audience into a trance. Techno music, for its part, has never had so much harmonic and aesthetic depth.

Instrumentation: string quintet (or orchestra), synthesizer/piano and DJ/laptop player


Ensembles for recording sessions

Arrangements for the CD of a band

Recording new compositions

Video clips

Radio and TV spots


Occupation: from one violin to string quartet to string orchestra.

Adding extra wind players is possible.

Recording Studio
String Quartet


Strings ensembles for live concerts and festivals

Accompaniment of choirs and soloists

Background for all types of bands (pop, rock, jazz)

Occupation: from one violin to string quartet to string orchestra.

Adding extra wind players is possible.

Prices are an indication. We will send you an offer with detailed quote once we have more information about your event: duration, program, location.


Live muziek opluistering begrafenis
Strings in the House - Teaser
Idool 2011 Kato - Samson - Liveshow 9 Halve finale
Jodymoon ~ Money In Our Pockets ~ Live


Directly from the customer

The music during the celebration was really beautiful and we received many compliments. It was really nice to work together. Thank you so much for helping to enhance our celebration and for all your help and flexibility during the preparations.

Ingrid & David

The music in our wedding celebration should and would become a gem, and that is why our demands were also very high. The interpretation could not be anything other than perfect, and as close to the original versions as possible. After a long search, we ended up at Rent a Musician who gave us perfect guidance in the preparations. Not only to create the right atmosphere but also with advice on which pieces would best suit the church's accoustics. The cooperation gave confidence, and flexibility was high. The celebration itself exceeded our expectations. The music brought that added value to our marriage as hoped and we could enjoy the music as we could only have dreamed. Interpretations were perfect, sounds fit perfectly in the church, and as an extra the organ in the church was used for certain pieces. The musicians played with emotion and surrender, and that was audible. Feedback from friends and family was therefore very positive. And for us there remains a wonderful memory. Thanks!

Ine & Jean-Philippe

Your musical accompaniment of our company's Christmas dinner was a winner and was appreciated by the guests. Thanks again.

Veerle - Toyota

I would like to thank you for the nice music on my mother's funeral. Through your contribution it has become a beautiful and emotional farewell. Thank you for this.


More reviews on facebook.

Huur een Muzikant


Would you like to hire us for your event? Do you have questions about the musical repertoire, prices of the performance and availability? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you and to draw up a detailed offer.

+32 478 57 25 83

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